Brennan Seward

Brennan Seward (b. 1983) is an artist from Zimbabwe. His work is inspired by natural history and the great naturalist illustrators of a bygone era (15th-19th century). At 17 he sold his first drawing at Christie’s in London. From there, he continued his training, learning from masters in watercolor and ink at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Art in Chongqing, China. His work hangs in a number of private and public collections around the world including First Rand Group, the largest corporate art collection in Africa. He has held exhibitions in cities across the USA, the UK, China, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

10 inches by 10 inches on archival paper.
Printed from original ink drawings.
The mother-baby relationship in the wild is remarkable to witness. Mothers go to extreme lengths to protect and teach their young the necessary skills their species needs to survive. This is a sweet, playful collection of small illustrations of five of my favorite African baby animals-zebra, elephant, hippo, giraffe, and rhino-and all of the things I love about them at this stage; their spindly legs, fat rumps, and beautiful big eyes.